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Published on 16 December 2019 at 17:06

Be kind to the earth and buy more vintage

Hello lovely vintageshoppers,


Here a little background story about why I started thrifting and why I love vintage so much. One year ago I decided to put my school career on hold and travel for a year.

Traveling to the most beautiful places in the world and reconnecting with nature made me realise how bad we, human beings, have treated the earth.

After 1,5 month in Bali and seeing the plastic pollution there made me decide to reduce plastic as much as I can, stop eating meat and to stop buying fast fashion for at least a year.

The very first time I walked into a vintage shop I was a little nervous but after buying my first amazing high waisted flared jeans, I knew I would never go back to the fast fashion industry.

What I LOVE about vintage clothing is that I’m contributing to a circulair economy and that what I’m wearing is unique⚡️There are already so many clothes on the earth and knowing that the fast fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry on earth has to wake you up.. I found my passion by allowing myself some free time, so if you ever think about traveling, PLEASE do it 🖤


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